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We're pushing
the boundaries of communication

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We develop software

that revolutionizes business communication

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We provide Telco-OTT solutions

and enrich telecommunications solutions with unique value added

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We offer services in a SaaS model

We have our own products, three of which are already in place for business users.

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OTT Software

We develop business tools to solve problems and create perspectives for fast growth

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We integrate telecommunications solutions into our software in a pioneering way.

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Our own products

We have our own products, three of which are already in place for business users.

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4,000,000 +

people have communicated via our easy-to-use product

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5,000 +

customers are employing our software solution

Limtel in the press
don't just take our word for it

Articles about Limtel

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The quality of customer service

"Limtel, a company dedicated to creating commercial communication systems, has produced a special report on on how Polish and Western companies treat their customers."

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Customer service report

"Bad customer service is the main reason for financial losses among Polish companies. According to the experts from Limtel, a company that is dealing with, among other things .."

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Limtel Innovators

"Setting up a hotline now only requires access to the internet. This can be done easily by yourself, at any time of day or night."

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Company development

"Limtel proposes a new way for small and medium businesses to reach customers with inexpensive marketing messages."

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Customer service requires changes

"As is clear from the devastating report by Limtel, less than 20% of companies use such superb online chat tools."

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Telecommunications pioneer

"A Polish platform for creating call centres. A great project which is already reaping the rewards abroad."

Our achievements
We want to change the future of communication

Limtel's nomination

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We are an active member of the
TeleManagement forum.


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We were nominated for the Aulery Awards 2012, the contest for the best startups in Poland.

Micro Company of the Year

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We were honoured in the Kronenberg competition for the best micro company of the year.

Young Innovative Awards

KIG logo

We were honoured with the Young Innovative award by KIG.

Angel of Social Economy

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We are a responsible company and take part in the U.N. program for enterpreneurs.

We connect business with sciense

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We are working with local universities to develop new technologies.